Simple tools for emotional well-being that will benefit your child for life

This FREE course for children aged 8-12 introduces techniques to develop a positive mindset and deal with negative thoughts and emotions.

The First Steps to a Happy Mind Course is perfect if you'd like your child to learn:

  • Exercises to help them develop a positive mindset so that they feel happier and more content.  
  • Tools for managing their emotions, so that they know how to deal with worries, anxiety or fear.
  • Techniques to calm down so that they can switch off at night and go to sleep.

This practical 50 minute course is comprised of 7 short videos and includes worksheets and audio tracks.

It's designed for your child to watch by themselves, or you are welcome to do it with them.

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Here's an outline of what we'll be covering:

The course is broken up into three sections:

1. Introduction to the mind

In this section your child will learn all about how their focus impacts their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. They'll learn:

  • Why we're hardwired to focus on the negative and what you can do about it.
  • How negative thoughts have a tendency to snowball.
  • Why shifting your focus makes a big difference to the way you feel.
2. Cultivating positive emotions

In this section your child will learn techniques to cultivate positive emotions and feel calmer, more present and grateful each day.

  • Appreciation - by focusing on things they love and are grateful for, they'll feel happier and more positive.
  • Heart meditation - tap into the power of the heart to help your child relax, calm down and release stress.
Dealing with negative emotions

In this section your child will learn a range of techniques to deal with negative emotions including:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (or Tapping) - which can help to release negative emotions from the body.
  • The Worry Jar - which helps your child open up a dialogue with you about their worries.
  • The Box Breath - a calming breathing technique.

Here’s what parents have said about our previous courses:

This program is amazing!

My daughter has enrolled twice and is thriving. The content is off the charts! Thank you so much for your wisdom, inspiration and kindness. 

And delivered by two amazing women.  Thank you!

A.M.F. - New York, U.S.A.

Highly recommended!

This is an awesome resource for children to develop their confidence and self-esteem and to introduce them to excellent techniques to navigate whatever life throws at them. Highly recommended.

D.H. - Saudi Arabia

Developing confidence

I want to say how impressed I am at the work you’re covering with the girls. I keep thinking wouldn’t it be great if all schools had this as an essential part of the curriculum.

I can really see that my daughter is developing a quiet confidence that is helping her overcome hurdles.

E. - Cambridge, U.K.

My daughter absolutely loved it 

I’d strongly recommend Inspire Her! Jane absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to go online every week! She met loads of lovely friends and loved learning new skills and techniques to use every day!  Ladies your energy is mind blowing. Thanks so much!

A.. - Ballinrobe, Ireland..

Amazing tools!

The course was really beneficial for my daughter’s mental health.  It gave her confidence, tools to deal with anxiety and negative emotions, instilled in her the power of positive thought and made her excited about her future.  And she had fun and made some new friends from around the world!

S.B. - Cork, Ireland.


I cannot thank you enough for all your work with our daughter over the last six weeks. A wonderfully positive and affirmative experience. Can’t recommend the Inspire Her course enough.

Maeve. - place

About Inspired Creators

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